Thursday, July 24, 2008

passion (repost from Vox)

Can someone live without passion? I'm not talking about sexual passion, although I'm sure that applies here too. I am referring to what people call "being passionate." Obviously it is physically possible to live without this feeling, but is it a life worth living? How do I know if I have it? If I don't then how do I find my passion? If I do, then why do I not feel fulfilled?


Gangrel767 said...

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Gangrel767 said...

*repost from Vox* *original comment from Chris Abel

The Bible uses a lot of metaphor when it talks about the dead. Jesus and Paul mention those who are dead already - they breathe, but they live for nothing. It's not an envious place. Then there's the kid who wants to follow Jesus. But he says "let me go bury my father" (which according to the rituals of the first century, could have been a year's period of waiting). Jesus says "let the dead bury the dead." Let those that have no purpose do that work. You have desire and passion to change things, so go now - leave the burial of your father to people who have nothing better to do. You do have something better to do.

The question then becomes... does everyone benefit from the role of the spiritually dead? Is that the driving force behind consumerism? Those who have nothing better to do make the gears turn... so is that a role that is ok to play? It is not fulfilling... but is there a place for a passion-less life?